How Do I Place An Order?
- I do not offer custom work often, but you're always more than welcome to email me to see if I have the time. You will likely need to follow my Instagram page to acquire information about when new jewelry is being released on my website. I normally do releases of anywhere from 15-25 pieces at a time. These releases are set for a specific time and date. 
How long does a custom piece take?
- The amount of time it takes to finish a custom piece of jewelry varies. Finding a stone, ordering materials, & fabricating the piece all takes time & patience. I do guarantee that I work very hard everyday to achieve a high quality product at a reasonable time. I am typically booked weeks in advance. I will almost always give you a general time frame.
- I will reach out to you when I start your jewelry so you know it is being worked on. 
Payment Policies
- For all custom pieces I require an up-front & non-refundable deposit fee. This price will vary depending on the piece you are requesting. All this does is ensure that my time & money is not wasted, & it also holds your spot on my calendar. 
- Once your jewelry is finished, the rest of the payment must be paid in full prior to shipment - After 5 days of no contact about your piece, it will be posted & sold on my website. I just ask that payment is made in a timely manner! 
Shipping Policies
- All orders include shipping insurance, this is non-negotiable. My shipping price is a bit higher due to this added cost. You may choose from basic or priority shipping, but both of these options include insurance!
- If you'd like to require a signature upon delivery, please let me know in the shipping notes & I will have that arranged.
- I am not liable for lost, stolen, or damaged items caused by USPS. If your package was lost or stolen, you must file a claim with USPS. Further action will be taken on a case by case basis.
Returns & Refunds
- Each case will be looked at individually. I will not refund for a custom order but I will make alterations to your jewelry if needed.  
- I do not give out refunds for any jewelry purchased through my website. Please purchase with intention, reading all descriptions before buying. I am not liable for any purchased jewelry that does not fit you. It is your responsibility to be 100% sure about your sizing before completing your order.
- Please make sure that when ordering a ring or cuff you have the correct ring size!! I will not give refunds due to incorrect sizing. I really prefer if you go to a jewelry counter or professional to get sized so that it is correct. When measuring your wrist, use a tape measure and measure in inches, allow yourself some wiggle room, make sure you measure over the wrist bone (the boney ball).
- Re-sizing for a ring will start* at $30 + shipping (both ways). It can be difficult to re-size a ring once the stone is set, same goes for any other piece of jewelry. I am not able to re-size all rings, only some can safely make it through that process. I am also not liable if the stone is chipped/cracked after you've sent it back to me. *PLEASE ORDER YOUR CORRECT RING SIZE THE FIRST TIME!* ...forreal it'll save us both the heartache. 
Post Care
- I always recommend using a polishing cloth to polish your silver at home. Most of my packages come with a polishing cloth. Just rub the cloth over the tarnished area of the jewelry, making sure to avoid the black patina areas because that will also come off with the cloth. 
- I do FREE polishing/cleaning on your emzgemz pieces! Just pay for shipping (both ways) & I will shine up your piece like new, This includes: scratch removal, buffing, & a high polish (or matte look if that's what you prefer). 
- I am more than happy to do repairs for your purchased items! If your jewelry has been damaged in anyway unrelated to me, there could be a fee for repair. If something has been damaged or broken due to my work, I will repair that for free.